Monday, November 4, 2013

Yep, feels like Monday

Joe just left for 3 days for work.  Dawson is sick as a dog.  My house is a disaster.  All I can say is thank goodness for Grandma K.  She will be here this afternoon and that always seems to perk Dawson up a little.  Oh, and I haven't managed to get coffee yet because Dawson is glued to me.  When does Grandma get here again? Ha!

Tomorrow my minivan goes in for repair.  I wish I could say it was going in for the dent my neighbor put in it but no, that's not it.  Instead it's for a bunch of lights coming on & screwing up my gas mileage.  Sometimes I think technology is a curse.  The front collision warning light, vehicle stability control, and lane departure warning lights keep coming on.  Sadly this started happening with only 800 miles on it.  To top it off, one month to the day after I bought it, my neighbor smashed it up.   First world problems, I know, but I hadn't even made the first (outrageous) payment yet.  Now I just have to convince State Farm that the value has been diminished because it has been in an accident.  All of this is just such a hassle.  I wish she had hit my old car.

Okay seriously.. I have to get coffee..


  1. I hope you got your coffee finally! I had a toddler glued to me all weekend so I know how that is.

    I'm so sorry about your van. What a PITA. :-\ Hopefully you'll get it back as good as new quickly!

    1. I did finally get it! I even got a few sips before it got cold :)