I thought I would jot down some trichotillomania resources and links to trich posts and updates on my blog.  In the future I will add blogs I read that focus on trichotillomania as well.

The TLC website is great for information including local providers:

Wikipedia: Trichotillomania

There are also several Facebook pages- just search trichotillomania in Facebook.

Links to posts about trichotillomania within my blog:

May 20, 2014: Top things you shouldn't say to someone with Trichotillomania!

May 6, 2014: HRT and Stimulus control for Trichotillomania

April 28, 2014: Trichotillomania update

April 16, 2014: Trichotillomania denial

Dec 17, 2013: Trich Tuesday update

Dec 3, 2013: Trichy Tuesday

Nov 23, 2013: Progress

Nov 12, 2013: Trichotillomania

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