Saturday, November 16, 2013

My baby is growing up..

Today is so bittersweet, and not just because we spent an arm and a leg at IKEA and it looks like we didn't buy much.  My baby boy is no longer in a crib.

Joe and I lived in a 650 square foot one bedroom apartment when Dawson was born, so of course decorating a nursery was not happening.  At first I really wanted him to have the perfect magazine spread looking toddler room.  As we got to shopping I realized I wanted him to be able to pick his own things out, and it's good for me to learn to let go of some control.  My anxiety primarily revolves around control and procrastination so really this will be a good lesson for me too.  Besides, it's his bedroom, not mine.  Eventually I can decorate a nursery anyway.

The before:

Dawson now has a twin mattress on the floor with fuzzy Thomas the tank engine sheets and a rocket ship duvet cover.  The boy lives for rocket ships.  There are some new books in a little bin on the floor (along with the old ones) and some fluffy pillows to cuddle up in.  The closet doors are locked with cabinet locks and there are giant boxes over his outlets.  Don't ask Joe how awesome the outlet covers are.. they took a while.  He has a new nightlight that's rechargeable as well and changes colors too! 

The bed was instantly a big hit once we got it upstairs.  He was really unhappy about us not putting the crib back together at first and I was starting to worry.  It was tough to get him downstairs for dinner once we got the mattress in there.

The after:

We will see how tonight goes.  I am hopeful that he will be that kid that won't get out of his bed, but I am not holding my breath.  Fingers crossed :) 

In a couple of weeks his treehouse bed arrives.  Grandma Rebecca bought it for him and when I showed him the picture online he said "Me get in it, mama! It's a house!" I'm pretty excited about it too! It's an awesome bed! As a result his room is pretty bare right now (nothing on the walls) so the pictures here are an unfinished product! 

I will update in a few days how he adjusts! 

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