Sunday, November 3, 2013

I live such an exciting life

Here I sit on a Sunday afternoon while Dawson sleeps.  He caught some kind of nasty cold and the poor kid can't seem to get enough sleep.

Anyway, Joe and I had our satellite tv suspended to try out huluplus, Netflix, and amazon prime streaming about a month ago.  So far no regrets! We have been spending evenings and nap time when possible, watching Revolution on netflix.  Now I have to say I would so NOT watch this show if I had to wait week to week for a new episode.  On Netflix it's even better than having tv shows recorded on the DVR.  I am sold! Our satellite tv used to cost around $150 a month with showtime and when we bought my awesome new car (mommy chic.. The minivan) we decided to cut some costs that just really aren't needed.  Needless to say, tv was the first to change.

Anyway, Revolution reminds me a little of Fringe but more on the this-could-really-happen line of things.  It's about the DoD releasing something that causes the power to go out.  15 years later the United States no longer exhists and there's war.  It doesn't take long to get to the point but there are a lot of flashbacks and you find yourself thinking "why is this important?" It might take several episodes to figure that out.  Hence why I say I wouldn't watch if it wasn't on Netflix.

Here is the link to NBC for more info Revolution.  Check it out!

I feel sort of lame that this is what Sundays have become but I love my little family.  Sometimes I don't even know what we did before Dawson.

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