Friday, November 8, 2013

Big boy bed!

Joe's 3 day trip turned into an all week trip but he will be home today! I'm excited to see him, I haven't slept well all week and it just doesn't feel right without him here.

Speaking of not sleeping well, I think it's time to get Dawson into a big boy bed.  His crib turns into a toddler bed but I think we would be better off to just go to a twin mattress on the floor, since he does so poorly with transitions.  Plus if anything looks different we automatically have a major freak out about it being "brokeded." We have the boxes to go over his outlets and thank goodness we have a video monitor that we can pan and zoom (thank you Summer brand!) I think I would like to get him a night light and I have also been debating on what to do about his music.  He sleeps with music on every night but his CD player is dying and sometimes doesn't work.  He doesn't seem to really care what kind of music is on, so maybe a clock radio would work.

We also need to move the glider rocker out of his room.. I have to really sell this because he loves to sit in it with me or Joe.  I am hoping to build a reading corner with some new books on some shelves. I am praying he will be excited about that.

I can't believe he will be 3 in February.  Dawson has grown so much in the last 6 to 8 months that it's just nuts.  When we went to the doctor on Wednesday he was 40 inches tall and 35.5 lbs! I have been really procrastinating putting his baby blankets and bibs away.  It is just so bittersweet.  I love to see him grow up but it feels like it's going too fast.  I think I am in denial.

Where is the pause button?!

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