Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flu shot or not?

Yesterday was a wasted day taking my car in.. I have to take it back next week.  They wanted to keep it a couple of days and give me a honda cr-z for a rental car, because that's totally car seat friendly.  (Insert eye roll here)

Anyway Dawson and Grandma K were at Kohl's scoping toys out while I got an estimate for body damage.  $1044.68.  Thankfully State Farm will be taking care of that bill.  After we left there we decided to get some lunch at Red Robin.  Dawson was just really snotty and his cough sounded worse so I made him an appointment for this morning with his doctor.  The poor kid has been sick more on than off for 6 weeks.  Sure enough he has a sinus infection.  Poor little guy.  Grandma bought him this cool new toy and that sure made him happy.

 I was going to ask about a flu shot but forgot.  I haven't gotten one since I was pregnant with him but I rarely get sick.  Dawson had one last year but not yet this year.  I'm trying to decide whether or not to get it for him.

How do you feel about the flu shot? Worth it or no?


  1. I don't think the flu shot is worth it, unless he has a compromised immune system, like an auto immune disorder, Instead try incorporating herbs like echinacea, thyme, tumeric, garlic, and cumin into his food daily, and even adding a few drops of lemon into his water or juice will help ward off colds and flu, it's all about boosting the immune system naturally, not chemically. Nature always has an answer :) I wish you luck on this wonderful journey of motherhood! -Katrina

  2. We get Gavin a flu shot every year and he has yet to get the flu. Sure he gets colds, and has a minor ear infection at the moment (he wears hearing aides, so it's almost a given every year), but I've never regretted getting him a flu shot. :)