Monday, November 18, 2013

Meals for this week (11/18)

Everyone that knows me knows I am probably one of the least organized people ever.  My house is almost always cluttered, but clean.  I WANT to be organized, I am just not very good at it.

One thing I do stay organized with are meals for the week (or more.)  Joe gets paid every 2 weeks and since Dawson was born we backed up our once a week shopping to every 2 weeks.  Our budget every two weeks is $150-$175.  I make a list of meals on the back of my grocery list, usually 7-9 dinners and a few easy peasy "uh oh" meals for those days that either get really busy or I forget :) 

This weeks meals look like this

Scrambled eggs & fruit
Yogurt and fruit
Homemade Muffins (still to be determined what kind!)
Toast & fruit
Waffles & frozen fruit

Tuna sandwiches & fruit or yogurt
Turkey & cheese sticks with ritz crackers & applesauce
Leftovers from dinner
Mac and cheese with ham & fruit
English muffins (made with various toppings)
Chicken quesadilla & fruit

Chicken burgers & baked beans
Cornbread waffles & chili
Pork tenderloin & apple-filled acorn squash
Crockpot Pepper steak & egg noodles (homemade freezer meal)
Flank steak stir fry
Chicken cordon bleu & salad
Pesto Tilapia, pasta or quinoa, & frozen veggies in butter garlic sauce

For breakfast and lunch we seem to "wing it" a lot but I am trying to make that a bit more organized so Dawson will know what to expect.  I recently discovered as we were eating at IHOP that he makes a decision much faster if he has a picture of it to look at.  I may start cutting pictures from magazines to make a visual menu for him.  We shall see :) 


  1. I have to make a weekly menu plan or I forgot to buy things at the store :) With two boys our budget has to be a little higher. It's about 150 a week. A large chunk of that is milk and eggs. My kids go through a lot of milk! Your menu plan sounds great, I love flank steak it's great in stir fry!

    1. Yes exactly! I tend to get home with nothing for dinner if I don't make a meal plan and a list :) We used to go through a lot of milk but Dawson seems to be slowing his consumption down pretty drastically since he has been sick. Eggs are always needed! Too much baking and breakfast in this house to forget those!