Thursday, November 14, 2013

New car? Nightmare.

I never thought I would say I miss my Honda Accord but here I am.  I still love my new Odyssey of course but everything that has happened in the last month is making me a little crazy (short road, I know.)

 My NEW minivan now sits at The Honda dealership being diagnosed.  Except of course now that it's there, they can't seem to get it to act up at all.  Since it's a new car they contacted Honda corporate to see if anyone else had reported the same issue and JUST my luck, no one has.  So they are driving it around some more trying to get the error lights to come on.  It makes me a little sick to know that even after this I have to take it to get the body damage fixed.  It sure would be nice to open my back hatch though!

  I know I probably sound ungrateful at this point, but not having a car makes me feel... trapped.  I really am grateful to get to drive a new car (or really any car at all.) Joe works his butt off so I can not only have everything I need but things I want too.  I guess I just like things to go smoothly and this is a very small bump in the road.  My anxiety over such things gets the best of me sometimes.  You would think having a child would have taught me to EXPECT things to go wrong! :) 

Dawson and I are getting cabin fever, but we will survive! I do get to get out of the house tonight for therapy, so that's good.  I feel encouraged by the last few weeks regarding my hair.  As much stress as I have been under, I am still keeping a handle on my pulling and I have a lot of new growth, especially up top.  The cold season is obviously beneficial to me with all of my hats and gloves.  I am still having bad days but they are no longer outweighing the good.  Baby steps.. 

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