Sunday, December 29, 2013

We did it!

We got our furniture! Special thanks to Grandma K for watching Dawson all day!  If you hadn't heard about the furniture fiasco, you can read all about it here.

For about $1200 we got the following:

-Workstation recliner with lumbar massage, USB port, and cup holders (purchased at big lots) 

-Ikea kivik sofa with washable red cover

-Ikea kivik storage ottoman with washable red cover

-Ikea Poang chair 

-2 polka dotted throw pillows (Ikea)

-2 baskets for toys (Ikea)

It looks a hundred times better already.  I hadn't realized how much space the old couch was hogging. It worked, but I am happier with this set up.  I still need to move some of Dawson's things around and put away (ahem, get rid of) a lot of his toys.  I also need to find a small end table to go between the couch and Joe's recliner.. perhaps one to go next to the Poang chair too.  While they are both awesome pieces of furniture, they do not have cup holders :)

It took us all day to get all the furniture, but I don't think we did too bad considering we didn't leave the house until around noon and Ikea is almost an hour away.  And of course I got hungry after we picked up the chair, so we had to stop and eat.  It's all set up now and I am just waiting for a couple of responses on the old couch to see when it will leave!  I will be sure to post pictures soon.. like when I can pry Joe out of the chair and get things all put where they belong! 

On another note, I am feeling pretty good.  I m 5 weeks 5 days as of today.  I was sick as a dog pretty much as soon as the stick turned pink with Dawson.  I stayed that way through most of my pregnancy.  Really I have only had waves of nausea here and there.  I am trying not to worry.. I mean, lots of people don't have crazy awful morning sickness, right? Trying not to let my anxiety get the best of me.  Also, what is up with this bloating? Does this happen to everyone with baby #2 and beyond? I already pulled out my maternity clothes.. Shirts I am having no issue with, but pants are not happening.  I decided I just needed to be comfortable. The bloat will go down.. I hope. 

Nothing else to report around here.  We had a wonderful Christmas and Dawson got spoiled rotten of course! We did too! 

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  1. Congrats Kate. I hadn't heard they baby number two ifs on the way!