Thursday, December 12, 2013

I have lost a little something since childhood

Isn't it amazing how life changes when you become an adult? I can remember waiting until I would have my own house, my own car, my own tv, my own phone.. too bad all of that comes with your own bills too!

It has been pretty cold here this week and I have been stuck in the house with Dawson because it has been pretty icy out.  I love watching the snow fall but I no longer love it to stick more than a dusting.  As a kid, I silently prayed for snow.  I wonder when it stopped becoming fun? Now I think of snow and think of how it gives me cabin fever, what shoes I will be able to wear outside (because let's face it, I am a girly girl), and how I will bundle Dawson up.  I know this seems silly, but here in the Pacific Northwest we are not used to snow or freezing temps for more than a day or two before it warms up and the rain returns.

My Christmas shopping has had to be mostly done from home this year.  I'm mostly okay with that.  I don't like the crowds this time of year anyway.  I started using Bing Rewards to earn Swagbucks this week.  I also signed up for Ebates.  I wish I had found that before! I am not the biggest fan of Swagbucks Shop and Earn.  Ebates seems to be much simpler.  I was able to order Dawson two toys for free using my Swagbucks, which leaves me with only a couple of things to buy him.  Shopping has been better this year.  I haven't enjoyed it much the last few years but this year I am excited to see everyone light up when they open what I got them.  

On a not so happy note, Joe and I got parking tickets yesterday.  Our driveway is very short and a sidewalk goes through it.  Our cars both hang into (and admittedly block) the sidewalk.  This is pretty common for people in our neighborhood.  I honestly hadn't thought much of it until I got the ticket.  Joe was able to pull my car forward enough to not block the sidewalk at all, but now getting Dawson in and out will be interesting.  Let's just say I am glad I have sliding doors.  I am trying to decide if we can fit the minivan into our ridiculously tiny garage.  With some organizing, I think we can.  Then Joe could park the Kia right behind me in the driveway.  Otherwise, he is going to have to park on the street. First world problems, I guess. 

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