Sunday, December 22, 2013

Finding quality furniture

This is kind of a rant.. You have been forewarned!

Joe recieved his Christmas bonus last week and we have been planning to buy new furniture for a few months.  We bought our couch a little over a year ago when we moved into the house.  It has not held up well.  Sure, the ballpoint pen, crayon, and anything else Dawson has smeared across it has come out pretty well, but Joe and I literally feel like we are sitting on the frame already.  I even had to switch spots I sat on the couch because the cushion broke down so much that I may as well be sitting on the floor.  

Here's the couch we have now.. pardon the mess :) 

Modular couch

We decided to go with a la-z-boy recliner for Joe and an ikea couch for me.  We will buy a couple of accent chairs for company and call it good.  Joe really misses having a recliner where I am totally okay with a couch and footstool.  I think he doesn't remember not being able to have his feet up when Dawson was crawling but I have warned him :) 

Yesterday we went to la-z-boy to pick out a chair.  Here's where it gets complicated.  We look around for over an hour and finally decide between two recliners.  One is $999 and the other is $899, both are 15 percent off.   Sounds okay.. for a la-z-boy.  Until we get to the details.. The fabric, the protection plan (for the ballpoint pen and such) and the type of foam Joe wanted.  Both chairs suddenly jumped to $1100 to $1300 AFTER the 15 percent off. Say what? Joe said no way, and I was relieved.  It would be nice to have a recliner of decent quality, but we do have kids and kids destroy things.. and I would be upset if Dawson ruined a $1000+ recliner.  Unfortunately that means the search continues.  

Why is furniture so disposable now? It seems like no matter what you spend it doesn't last, and then you are spending all over again.  This is completely why I said screw it, I'm buying a cheap IKEA couch that I can take the cover off and wash when it gets yucky, or just replace it if Dawson or baby destroys it.  If it's ruined in a year or two, I won't be upset because I didn't spend a bazillion dollars on it. 

Where did you buy your furniture? Has it held up well? What do you hate about it? 


  1. We got our couch at Ashley Furniture four and a half years ago. I think it's held up pretty well. Still very comfortable. Plus, it's leather, so if Hannah spits up on it, I can just wipe it up. It's a reclining couch, and I want to say it was about $600 for the couch itself, and maybe $400-$500 for the love seat we bought. Only think I hate about it is that oil or something from the reclining part got on the carpet, but we'll have to replace the carpet soon anyway.

  2. We bought a couch at Ashley and it cost 1200 ... so I suppose you need to look at prices. Our couch has 3 recliners and it seems to be wearing fine. But, then, we've only had it about 1.5 years. I got a recliner from a place in Vancouver. We can't remember the name, but we also bought the black appliances there. I'll try to find the papers for them. I love my recliner! It's 7.5 years old & nothing wrong with it, yet!

  3. I know you just finalized you furniture but check out if you need anything else. The prices are good and they deliver/set up for you. I'm looking at purchasing new furniture when i move to Illinois.