Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toddlers, dinner, and breast pads

Dawson is such a little sponge.  I forget this so easily.  The kid can't remember where he put his toy 2 minutes ago (which starts the whining that someone STOLE it), but he hangs on to little moments that (to me) are fleeting and meaningless chatter.

Something happened yesterday at dinner that had Grandma K, Joe, and myself in tears we were laughing so hard.  For Dawson it was just an innocent moment where he had remembered something I showed him.

Several weeks ago (at least 6 to 8) I was cleaning out Dawson's old baby clothing, getting ready to donate it.  There was a lot of crap in there that didn't belong, but most of it was baby related.  At one point I found a stray breast pad, like in the picture.  He wanted to know what it was for, so I told him it was to put in Mommy's shirt so milk didn't get everywhere.  I demonstrated.  This was probably a mistake.  He let it go at that, or so I thought.

Fast forward to dinner last night, we all ordered dessert and the waitress brought Dawson a fresh spoon.  On a cute little round doily.  Do you see where this is going?

"I know just what to do!!" And before Grandma K could stop him, the doily went into his shirt.  All we could do was laugh.  It still amazes me that he remembers something that was such a small thing, and so long ago.

To top it all off, Joe says under his breath "only our kid would think that's a nipple pad.." Now, normally Dawson wouldn't have even HEARD him let alone responded, but of course, at the dinner table he blurts out "Why you say nipple pad, Daddy?"  More laughter!

I guess he really IS listening, even when we think he's not! :)

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