Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIY Duct Tape Ikea side table

Joe and I bought these Ikea side tables (Lack) about 3 years ago when we finally moved from our tiny 1 bedroom condo style apartment.  The idea at the time was that they were cheap and simple.  I mean, you can't really be upset when you your kid ruin a $7 table.  They have kind of traveled all over the house because they are so beat up, and I kind of hate them now as a result.

DIY duct tape crafts

I was ready to get rid of them, but decided I could re purpose them with a pretty simple DIY project.  2 rolls of decorative The Duck Brand duct tape (about $5 each)  and about 20 minutes and they are almost like new! Only prettier, of course.  And who doesn't love an easy DIY project, right?

Decorative duct tape

I laid the first strip of duct tape so it would overlap the side about 1/2 an inch.  I put strip after strip of duct tape up against one another, just smoothing with my hands, until I reached the other side.  After the top was finished, I was almost out of tape.  There was just enough to do the sides of the top, but not the legs.  Leaving the legs uncovered was fine, as they aren't really in that bad of condition.  I'm sure you could get more creative with this, maybe do some kind of pattern, but I really just wanted the scraped up tops covered! I have a little tape leftover from each roll for touch ups and accidents.. Or Dawson peeling the tape off, because I can see that happening. 

The Star Wars table will go in Dawson's room for him to play on, and the flowered table is going to the nursery to have next to the chair I will probably spend way too much time in :) I really tried to find something else for Dawson's space themed room but the Star Wars Duck Brand tape was really as close as it got.

Ikea lack side table refinish

Overall I'm very happy with the outcome of the side tables!  Have you done any Ikea makeovers? Or just furniture makeovers in general? 
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