Friday, May 30, 2014

27 weeks and counting!

bump picture

After looking at this photo, I think it's safe to say I probably shouldn't wear that shirt in public again.  Also this was the first time I've seen myself up close in a full length mirror in a while.  Feeling HUGE, and yet I know I'll get much bigger.  I cut my legs out of this picture, and even as I write this I'm contemplating my head as well.  Just not feeling the pregnancy glow this time. 

We have a cold this week, but thus far I seem to have it to a lesser degree than Dawson, my mom, sister, or Joe.  Still, I am tired.  In fact, I feel like I complain that I'm tired all the time.  Dawson has been up a lot in the night, both from being in a new room (pics and post on this soon, not quite done!) and from feeling yucky.  Him and his Auntie seem to have gotten this crud the worst.  

There isn't really a lot to tell from the last week! We have mostly stuck close to home.  I'm having one of those weeks where if it can go wrong, it does.  They are little things, but I'm noticing my patience for it is zilch.  I've been ready for bed at 7pm all week just for the simple reason that if I go to bed, I can't spill or break anything or find some disaster that needs fixing (like the open juice that poured all over the fridge earlier this week, without me noticing for a day or two.. Awesome!) 

This weekend I'm hoping to get the nursery finished up.. Things that still need to be done:
  • Pick out paint
  • Paint the wall
  • Refinish an old ikea table (there will be a DIY post on this if it turns out well!)
  • Assemble and "dress" the crib
  • Hang the new curtains
  • Find and hang artwork
  • Find a blanket or quilt for the chair
The list actually looks longer than it is.  We will see what we can knock out this weekend!

How far along? 27 weeks 3 days pregnant.. Baby is the size of a head of rutabaga!

Weight gain? Weighed myself this morning and according to my scale, I'm up 8 pounds total! 

Belly button? Still looking extremely flat and deformed.  

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. 

Movement? I think I was right about the growth spurt last weekend.  She's out of control in there and actually hurting me at times.  This didn't happen until much later with Dawson.  I don't remember him doing a lot of body rolling like she does, he was more into sticking his feet up in my ribs and pushing his butt out as far as he could.  I walked around with a lopsided belly A LOT that last trimester.  

Maternity clothes? Yep.. Looks like I need to retire some of them already though.  I need to just stock up on dresses for summer and stop trying I think.  I already feel like I look gigantic anyway.   

Symptoms? Feeling? Big..  Tired.  Hips are killing me.  Rib pain has been haunting me this week again too.  Oh, and I would like to burn my bras.  Just saying. 

Mood? The crankiness is off the charts.  My patience is thin.  It reminds me of when Dawson was a baby.. Not a good feeling.  I'm having a lot of manic episodes and over-doing it physically, still.  Trying to take it easy this week though.  I just need to keep chanting "It will all get done, it will all get done.."  

Missing? Alcohol.  Oh, and alcohol.  Did I mention alcohol? Yeah.  I bought a bottle of cheap moscato this week and I'll be mixing it with sparkling water so I can at least enjoy a little bit.  Judge away.  I'm also really missing running.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to squeeze my run in with 2 kids.  I still haven't figured it out. 

Looking forward to? Scheduling the ultrasound next week to make sure baby girl is doing well.  And of course the shower- only a week or so away!  

Sleep?  I'll sleep when I'm dead, I guess.  Between my hips, my neck, my nose (allergies) and Dawson, I'm not getting a lot of sleep.  (This is the same as it was last week.. Ugh) 

Exercise? Does cooking count? I've spent a lot of time on my feet in the kitchen.  Also, Memorial Day I got over 5000 steps according to my fitbit.  I was a cleaning, organizing, moving machine.  I paid for it.

Any cravings? Baked goods.  Fresh fruit.  Candy bars, although I have only given into this craving once.  Alcohol, as stated above.  It feels good to actually want to eat again. 

Food aversions? Steak looks like yuck this week.  Fried foods.  Anything greasy pretty much. 

 Until next week! 
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  1. Aww bubba stay strong, you look beautiful! It may be tough now but it will all be worth it when the little blessing pops out :)

    Lots of love, Ana


    1. Thanks Ana! Keeping my eye on the prize. Love your blog, by the way! Thanks for stopping by and giving me some encouragement :)