Saturday, May 3, 2014

23 weeks down, 17-ish to go!

This was a rough day.. Boy do I feel round!

How far along? 23 weeks 4 days.. Baby is the size of a grapefruit! Doesn't that seem smaller than a papaya?  Weird.  

Weight gain? According to my home scale I'm at my pre pregnancy weight.  So +/- 0.  

Belly button? Looks ridiculously odd. I don't think it will pop this time.  It didn't with Dawson.  

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. 

Movement? Pretty consistent.  She's a wiggler.  

Maternity clothes? Yep.  I actually picked up a few more pairs of shorts and a dress this week since our weather seems to be warming up.  Although it's supposed to rain today.  Make up your mind, Oregon! 

Symptoms? Feeling? Nausea is nearly all day still but I do have moments where I feel okay.  I've thrown up more this week than I have in a while, but I seem to be staying hydrated. I'm not hungry at all though.  The only time I seem to be getting hungry is the middle of the night and first thing in the morning.  My hips hurt so bad I could cry (and I totally have.)  My tailbone is acting up again, and I've had several nasty headaches this week too.  Just full of awesomeness over here. 

Mood? Restless.  Extremely emotional, although who knows if that's pregnancy related or related to not being able to take my medication.  I'm still in nesting mode and starting to enter panic-there-aren't- enough-weekends-between-now-and-August mode.  

Missing? Sleeping on my belly.  Eating whatever I want whenever I want with no repercussions.  Sitting wherever without hurting.  Walking long distances without my back and hips killing me.  Not waddling. 

Looking forward to? Still working on a name.. So I'm looking forward to locking that in.  Putting the nursery and Dawson's big boy room together! 

Sleep? Hit and miss.  Some nights I sleep like a rock, others I can't get to sleep.  I never feel rested.  Getting comfortable is getting really difficult and rolling over on bed is killing me. 

Exercise? Yep, nope, none of that happening.  I took a walk at ikea and that's about it.  I did put my fitbit back on this week.  I haven't worn it in months.  Looks like according to fitbit, I am getting about 3000 steps a day, even when I'm just at home.  So that's good.  I wish I could be more active but I'll take what I can get. 

Any cravings? Fresh fruit.  Coffee milkshakes.  Chocolate chip cookies. 

Food aversions? Almost everything.  Nothing I actually eat sounds good, I just make myself eat it. I'm trying to just roll with things that look like they might be good.   Even some of my "safe" foods are backfiring this week.  

This week has been rough.  Dawson has been in quite the crap-tastic mood.  Monday and Tuesday there really was nothing I could do to make him happy.  He napped, and then I paid for it when he decided 1AM seemed like a good time to finally sleep.    I did get the bedroom downstairs cleaned out some and I'm feeling good about that.  I'm struggling to do much in the way of that kind of thing, though, because I just hurt so bad.  

I just feel so tired and very stressed this week.  It's been warm here and I love the nice weather, but it's been much harder to enjoy while pregnant.  When I get too hot, I get really queasy.  I haven't slept a whole lot this week either and I'm sure that's contributing to feeling yucky too.   

Our air conditioner stopped working this week and it's looking like a very costly repair.  Partner this with all the medical bills I have been paying due to hospital visits, and our inflated food cost purely for convenience and lack of energy on my part and we are hurting a bit.  Just like any other time, we will get through it.  We have also been trying to get a home equity line of credit to consolidate credit card debt and that's been more difficult than it should be.  Lately it feels like if it's not one thing it's another!  I went to see my therapist this week and she reminded me that 90 percent of these things are not things I can control, so I shouldn't try.  We won't starve, we have a roof over our heads, and we are in a much better spot than most families.  These are first world problems.  I am just going to repeat that over and over. 

Yesterday Joe and one of his co-workers installed a laundry pedestal that my dad built for me (Thanks Dad!!)  I am so excited! It's very heavy but it only took them about 20 minutes to get it in.  It will be so nice to not have to bend over (quite the job) to do laundry!  Getting our 350 pound washer up the stairs when we moved in (just Joe and I) was awful, so I had some anxiety about how hard it would be to get underneath the machines but Joe and his co-worker rocked it :) 

That's all for this week! Hopefully I have happier news to report next week :) 


  1. I totally think most of these weeks, the fruit/vegetable seems smaller than the one before. It is weird.

    Ugh, air conditioner repairs are such a pain! Ours broke two summers ago and they ripped me off so badly. I was home alone with Ethan who was a baby and they charged me hundreds for unnecessary stuff.

    1. I think these pregnancy sites haven't been to the grocery store recently! Lol! Our a/c is only 3 years old.. Thus it being so unexpected. Thankfully the part is under warranty but the labor is an arm & a leg. Normally we would be plenty prepared for something like this but the last few months have put our finances into chaos! That's okay though, it will get fixed (and stay fixed, I hope) and we will just keep truckin' on. Thankfully Joe has taken over dealing with the repairs! How awful of them to take advantage of you! :(