Wednesday, May 14, 2014

25 weeks pregnant!


My face is not allowed in this pregnancy update.  Trust me, I did it for you!  I feel like a hot mess lately.  Note that I'm still in my pajamas :) 

Let's see.. it's been a couple of weeks.  The air conditioner got fixed, and cost about $900.  While I'm stressed about having to spend all that money, throwing up half the night one night because I was way too hot convinced me it might be a first world problem, but for me it's a necessity.  The home equity loan did not go through, and we are hunkering down and reducing spending, to pay some things off before we try again.  Now that I have a rough 'plan' in place, I feel better about that.  

I saw my midwife on Friday the 9th, and complained about the shortness of breath I've got going on.  She thinks it could either be that I'm anemic, it's my allergies, or my seasonal asthma kicking up.   This is a no win situation.  It was bad enough when I went to have coffee with a friend on Monday that I thought I was going to pass out.  It feels similar to asthma, but my rescue inhaler makes me dizzy.. so yeah, that doesn't seem like it's going to help me.  I'm taking Zyrtec per her recommendation and praying that it lessens.. although I'm not feeling hopeful.  We also discussed my next ultrasound, which looks like it will be somewhere between 30 and 34 weeks.  I was really hoping for sooner.  

The office has been pressing me to do the one hour glucose tolerance test since I was 8 weeks.  This is because I supposedly had gestational diabetes with Dawson.  My OBGYN's office at the time was horrible, the test was not done well (um, hello wrong blood draw times.) and they misplaced my one hour test results until I was nearly full term, where they insisted I do a three hour glucose tolerance test (You'd think doing that at 38 weeks is a bit late...)  I failed that by just a couple of points.  Dawson was born average size and I don't think any issues he had were related.  Fast forward 9 weeks after he was born, I took another three hour glucose test and my results were the same.  They labeled me pre-diabetic.   So I don't have high hopes that I will pass the one hour test this time, but I don't think it has anything to do with being pregnant.  I'm REALLY stressed about having to do this test because keeping that drink down for an hour is not going to be easy, and historically I do not have good luck with blood draws.  Lucky me with my ghost veins that like to flatten when a needle gets anywhere near them.  She said if I can't keep the drink down or I don't feel like I even CAN drink it, to just cancel my blood draw and we'll figure something else out.  Except I'm not seeing her at my next appointment, it will be another midwife.  ACK! Deep breaths..

How far along? 25 weeks 1 days pregnant.. Baby is the size of a cauliflower! 

Weight gain? According to my midwife's scale last Friday I'm up a total of 6 pounds.  My scale today says 4 pounds. 

Belly button? It's flat.  I usually have a really deep belly button, but it's flat now.  Also, it's numb. That happened with Dawson too.    

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. I'm attributing that to the fact that I haven't gained much. 

Movement? All the time.  She's much more active than Dawson ever was.  I'm eating my words on that. 

Maternity clothes? Yep.  I would probably look like something out of People of Walmart if I was trying to get into my regular clothes at this point. 

Symptoms? Feeling? Nausea comes in waves now.  The really bad waves come with vomiting.  New symptoms this week would be major shortness of breath, and reflux like feelings.  I've had some dizzy spells lately too.  Hips still killing me, ribs are bothering me off and on.  

Mood? Pretty restless still.  I'm putting meals in the freezer like it's nobody's business.  Less emotional this week, thankfully.  

Missing? Sleeping on my belly.. oh lets get real- sleeping, in general.  Getting out of bed without my pelvis grinding and snapping.  Breathing normally.  Food.  BEER.  Cocktails.  Those last two should actually be first on my list. 

Looking forward to? Baby shower on June 7th! Excited to see everyone!  Painting Dawson's big boy room and the nursery. 

Sleep? This isn't going well this week.  If I'm actually sleeping, I'm dreaming about something weird.  Most of the time I can't seem to sleep though.  I hit my sleepiest time at between 6 and 7pm and then it's like I hit a second wind and I can't get to sleep until 2 or 3am.   

Exercise? Yeah, no.  The shortness of breath and the warm weather has put a stop to even walking much I'm afraid.  According to my Fitbit, a good day is 3000 steps and an average day is more like 1500 steps.  That's hard to look at.  

Any cravings? Fresh fruit.  Coffee, like from a coffee shop.  Sweets are starting to become more tolerable and desired.   Doughnuts sound good this week.  

Food aversions? Not too many things.  Ironically, Greek food sounds disgusting, where just a couple of months ago I couldn't get enough.  Grilled chicken still sounds and looks gross.  

 Until next week! 

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