Thursday, March 13, 2014

16 week pregnancy update!

Yep, I totally skipped 15 weeks!  But here's a 15 week picture anyway! 

Pregnancy photos

And 16 weeks (pardon the blurry picture, my hands were shaky!)

Pregnancy 16 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks 2 days.. Baby is the size of an avocado! An orange last week.  

Weight gain? As of Tuesday I am up 4 lbs, but still down 8 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. 

Belly button? Starting to look more shallow and flat. 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on! 

Movement? Oh yes.  Little girl or guy is just a wiggling away, especially at night before bed.  

Maternity clothes? Yes! In fact this last couple weeks I might have gone a little overboard.  I have a new pair of jeans, new shorts, a dress, 4 new nursing tops (that also work for pregnancy) and about 6 new t-shirts.  

Symptoms? Feeling? Nausea every morning still but it's manageable.  No vomiting unless I try to swallow a pill.  I'm still really tired but over all I am starting to feel much better.. As long as I take my meds! I do have a UTI this week so that sucks.  

Mood? Feeling a lot better emotionally, most days.  Not all days are great but most are pretty good.  Dawson has given me a few meltdowns that wouldn't otherwise happen and I am irritable at times but I don't feel hopeless. 

Missing? Cooking.  Exercise.  Being able to go places with Dawson and deal with a meltdown by myself (I can no longer lift his 40 lb toddler butt so easily, if at all).  Sleeping through the night without having to get up to pee. 

Looking forward to? The anatomy scan! Set for April 8th! 

Sleep? Having good nights and bad still.  It really depends on how often I have to get up to pee. 

Exercise? Nothing too fancy.  I am thinking about going to a water aerobics class but I hate going to stuff like that by myself.  I have been getting out for at least a walk probably 3 times a week.  I managed a trip to Target today with Dawson and I would consider that exercise! 

Any cravings? Salt.  Still salt.. Greek salad has been a big one this week.  I could probably just drink the dressing because that's really what I want, but I eat the salad too :) Ocean water is off the table and this week it's lemon lime kool-aid with 1/2 the amount of sugar it calls for and real fruit lime slushes from sonic.  Also, sweet tarts and French toast :) not together, haha! 

Food aversions? Steak and chicken.  Anything overly sweet or chocolatey.  

The last couple of weeks have been a huge turn around.  I am still exhausted but I feel like I am learning my triggers and doing a pretty good job of avoiding them.  I haven't thrown up at all except when trying to take pills.  Unfortunately, I am on a pill for the UTI and my first dose today is not settling super awesome.  I'm praying it stays down.  My doctor's office was pretty unwilling to put me on anything different and it's $600 to get this medication made into liquid.  Ugh.  

Dawson has been my biggest source of stress and challenge this week.  He wants to leave the house so badly,  but as soon as we are out it's like all hell breaks loose.  Yesterday he had not one, but 3 massive fits in public where I had to either pick him up (no easy task) or my mom had to drag him out of a store/area.  I can't say he's ever REALLY embarrassed me.. Until yesterday.  Most of his meltdowns are just crying and being upset like any other 3 year old would when you leave some place they want to be.  The last week or so it has morphed into not only crying but also laying on the floor and kicking and screaming and refusing to stand up and walk.  I have had some moments where I seriously ponder my ability to parent and whether or not I am doing something horribly wrong.  Even worse, I have wondered if this baby was a good idea since I can't seem to get my 3 year old under control without the distraction of a newborn.  However, our Target trip today was much better.. so I am hopeful it has more to do with him and less with me.  

Otherwise nothing too new and exciting to report! 

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