Sunday, March 23, 2014

17 weeks (and some change) pregnancy update!

Pregnancy 17 week belly

How far along? 17 weeks 5 days.. Baby is the size of an onion!   

Weight gain? I actually have no idea.  I haven't weighed myself this week.  

Belly button? Starting to look really flat and stretched. 

Wedding rings on or off? Still on but I'll be searching for my necklace this week.. It's getting snug. 

Movement? Oh yes.  Little girl or guy is just a wiggling away, a LOT usually late morning & late afternoon. 

Maternity clothes? Yes! 

Symptoms? Feeling? Nausea every morning still but it's manageable.  I just have to make sure I take my meds at night or I regret it.  I tried to go without a couple of days and I was back to throwing up in the shower.  I've had more nausea that strikes out of the blue lately & then goes away.  Evenings have been spent in my chair with a tall glass of whatever I can stomach because Braxton hicks have kicked up pretty bad.  Rib pain.. Uuuugh the rib pain. 

Mood? Feeling a lot better emotionally.  I'm nesting like crazy and I don't have a ton of energy for it, so that's kind of driving me crazy, but over all I feel mostly level headed.  Oh, except my road rage.  It's gotten worse in the last couple of weeks.  I still drive safely obviously but my frustration level with people that drive slow, or are in my way, or just being what I think is stupid at the moment kind of sets me off. 

Missing? Exercise and alcoholic drinks.  This totally gives me a mental picture of me on the treadmill with a beer.  Haha! 

Looking forward to? The anatomy scan! Set for April 8th! 

Sleep? Having a lot of bad nights.  More than once this last week I have been up until 2:30am or later, just wide awake.  Also having trouble getting comfortable in bed to sleep with my ribs hurting and my lower back bothering me.  Might be time to go see a chiropractor. 

Exercise? Nothing too fancy.  I am out of breath at the drop of a hat so mostly slow walks in the mall or outside with Dawson.  We walked the zoo today and Joe teased me it was like walking with someone with a walker.  If I get out of breath it's bad news, so I'm playing it safe. 

Any cravings? Salt.  Still salt.. Greek salad still too.  Tzaziki and traditional gyro meat.  I actually had dreams about it this week.  Smoothies have been going down really easy for breakfast too.  I was really hooked on crunchtada tostadas at Del Taco earlier in the week but I have done a 180 on that now. 

Food aversions? Steak. Anything overly sweet.  Mexican food. 

I'm feeling pretty good this week.  I am still tired a lot but I feel so motivated to just do anything and everything this week.  I even went it my parents' house this week and took Dawson.  And I tackled potty training again (it's a work in progress) and Dawson is doing pretty well with it. Oh! I cooked this week TWICE too! Dawson ate like a pig, and it made me feel good.  He misses mama's cooking too.

My house is still kind of a disaster, although my mom did come this week and weed my front flower beds and fold laundry, clean my kitchen, and vacuum!  She is a lifesaver.  She also entertained Dawson all day Saturday so Joe and I could go to the bank to fill out some applications, and have a day to just be Joe and Katie and not Mommy and Daddy.  It was nice.  We even went and saw a movie! I had never been to a Cinetopia and I seriously don't know why we haven't spent the extra money to go there before.  I'll probably never go to a regular movie theater again.  It was glorious! 

That's all for this week :)  

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