Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This blog is suffering

It isn't that I haven't had time to blog, I'm just having some issue finding anything besides my hum drum daily life to blog about.  Normally I'm baking, cleaning, cooking, and going on outings with Dawson and I like to write about that but lately I am literally just a lump on the couch.

Cooking is my hobby.  I love to tweak recipes and believe it or not, I kind of like meal planning and grocery shopping.  Some of my favorite posts on this blog are recipes.  I hadn't thought about how little I cooked while pregnant, especially in the first trimester.  I also hadn't realized how much I really enjoy it.  

Right now I can barely look at most food let alone smell it so recipes probably won't be something you see a lot of here for a while.  It kind of makes me sad, but I know during the third trimester I go pretty nuts freezer stocking.  Until then it will probably be just a lot of everyday feelings, obstacles, and pregnancy updates I post about! 

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  1. Sometimes when i get stumped with my blog, I usually follow blogher's #NABLOPOMO (national blog posting month) or SitsGirls.. Both great communities to be a part of when you're a blogger.

    Here's this months, might be of some help.