Friday, January 17, 2014

Boy or girl? Why does it matter?

This pregnancy has come with some questions that I don't remember getting with Dawson, although I am sure I got them.

The biggest question Joe and I have gotten during this pregnancy thus far is whether or not we want a boy or a girl this time.  Most people assume we would like a girl because we already have a boy.  Joe and I have pretty much maintained that we want a healthy happy baby, whether it be a boy or a girl.  We would be over the moon for another boy, but equally excited if the baby is a girl.

I will admit that when I was pregnant with Dawson I wanted a boy.  Somehow in my deluded little head I decided a boy would be easier because they aren't so dramatic.  Obviously I was wrong.  Dawson has enough drama for 8 kids and then some.  He has not been an easy child in general.  I love him to pieces but he has been a challenge.  I guess that's what parenthood is all about though! 

 I feel like almost on a daily basis I watch someone (whether it be in person or through Facebook or blogs) struggle.  Sometimes their struggle involves just having a baby, sometimes it's that their babies have minor or even severe health problems.  If our baby was not healthy, I wouldn't love him or her any less by any means, but I know it would come with challenges that make Dawson seem like a walk in the park.   

Right now I am doing my best to just focus on taking care of myself.  I am still struggling with fluids, and I have had some touch and go moments where the possibility I would end up in the hospital again is high.  I've lost about 10-12 pounds over the last couple of weeks.  Keeping my eye on the prize... A healthy baby.  


  1. I'm with you. As long as it's a healthy baby, that's all that should matter.

    BTW, congratulations!