Saturday, August 9, 2014

37 weeks.. Less than 2 weeks to go!

37 weeks and 2 days in this picture! Less than 2 weeks until we meet this little wiggle-butt!   

I had my 37 week appointment yesterday.  It didn't go great.  Long story short, baby girl did great for her ultrasound (I think because she was showing off for her daddy) but mama is not doing so great.  

I cried yesterday morning because I just really felt THAT awful.  My blood pressure was 156/98 at my appointment which is really high for me.  I complained last week I was seeing spots and I have had a nagging headache almost non stop.  Dawson went to the beach with Grandma K on Thursday and I spent the whole day in bed.  The nurse and doctor were both concerned and said I look awful.. Well I feel awful! 

 I had my cervix checked,  I'm 2 centimeters dilated and 0 percent effaced.  Then they drew blood and sent me to the hospital to monitor my blood pressure and the baby for a while, at least until the results of my blood work came in.  They hooked me all up to the monitors and my blood pressure had gone back down, but I was still feeling really awful and then I was contracting every few minutes.  A few hours later, we got to see the on-call doctor and she said my iron was LOW and I'm severely anemic.  I'm showing signs of pre-eclampsia and it could set in any time.  So, I'm no longer allowed to be left alone, go anywhere alone, or care for Dawson.  She said she would have been inducing me if not for the iron, and that was bad enough that she didn't think I would even be able to deliver and would probably require a transfusion.  Funny (or NOT so funny) thing is, I've been complaining of all the symptoms of being anemic since I was 16 weeks pregnant! They just brushed it off and never did any bloodwork.. Anyway, I'm on a bunch of iron pills now and Grandma K will be here until Halle makes her entrance.  

I've pretty much hit the wall.  Dawson and I did nothing all week except keep the house semi put together.  I did some laundry, he's napped daily, and I've mostly given up on cooking and dishes too (sorry Mom, I'm trying!) I'm just over it all.   But to prevent a super awful recovery, I'll  (hopefully) keep her in until I can get my iron up a bit.  

How far along? 37 weeks 4 days pregnant.. Baby is the size of a winter melon! 

Weight gain?  According to the scale at home, I've lost 2 lbs.. So +17.  Weird.  Scale at the doctor says +20. 

Belly button? Out and looking horrific.  This is crazy.. I usually have a super deep belly button.  

Wedding rings on or off? Off.  

Movement? Yes, but more her feet and hands.  I can tell when she rolls over from one side to the other because her butt changes sides of my belly button.   I think she's pretty much going to stay head down.  She gets the hiccups pretty regularly and I can see her expanding her lungs to practice breathing if I watch my belly.  It's so weird, but cool. 

Maternity clothes? Not really.  I have a few things that fit but I mostly want to live in dresses.  Also, I wish I didn't have to wear underwear of any kind because they just flat hurt.  

Symptoms? Feeling? Contractions have been a little more serious this week, but nothing more than prodromal labor.  Just enough to annoy me and keep me from sleeping more than 10-20 minute stretches.  My back hurts something awful, and gets 100 times worse with each contraction.  My nausea is really bad.  Reflux is pretty miserable too, even with meds.. there's really just no more room for my stomach.  It hurts to walk, more than I ever imagined it could.  I'm uncomfortable no matter where I'm at.  Some more swelling in my feet and pelvis and now some in my hands. 

Mood? Whiny.  I walk around all day complaining about one pregnancy related ache, pain, or annoyance all day long.  Joe is a trooper, because I can't even stand myself at this point! I know- I'm only 37 weeks, suck it up. 

Missing? Not hurting everywhere.  Eating as much or as little of something as I want.  I'm missing wearing comfortable NORMAL clothes.  Also, I miss not being a walking exhibit.  Seriously, I want to tell some people to take a freaking picture.  Yes, I'm huge, I get it.  Stop staring. 

Looking forward to? Getting labor and delivery over with.  Holding her, seeing her for the first time.  Bless my friends on my mommy message board, seeing their babies finally arrive has made me more excited than scared.  

Sleep?  Propped up on 3 pillows in short spurts? Yeah it's a blast.  I dread bed time.  However, I'm pretty impressed with how I've been functioning off little to no sleep.  Sleep deprivation was the hardest part of bringing Dawson home and I'm actually feeling a little bit more confident this time about how I will cope.  Ask me again when she's 2-3 weeks old though.  

Exercise? No.  Ha!  Kudos to those who can exercise until the very end, 'cause that is NOT happening here.  I'm daydreaming about a good run, but it sure as hell isn't happening. 

Any cravings? Donuts.  I shared one with Dawson last week and it was like heaven.  It didn't spike my blood sugar either.  I also want regular soda, which is weird because I don't drink soda on a regular basis.  Oh, and a milkshake sounds awesome. 

Food aversions? Tons.. I don't even think I could list them all.  I'm tired of the kinds of food I can eat on this diet. 

Until next week! Unless we have a baby by then :) 

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  1. Katie, having endured through 2 pregnancies you aint' lying! The end is always the worst! BUT your pic looks great and what an amazing gift you'll have when this pregnancy is done and over with. I'll be praying for peace in your body and mind during the last moments of waiting you're enduring!