Friday, July 18, 2014

34 weeks, 5 weeks at most to go!

34 weeks34 week baby bump
34 weeks! I wish that 4 was an 8! Pardon the sleepy look, I just got up.  

Wednesday I had a growth scan and what they call a biophysical profile (or a BPP). The BPP is just checking on a few different things.. The placenta, her movements, breathing, fluid levels, etc.  The growth scan is obviously a few more measurements.  I'll have BPP's weekly now.  She was butt down, passed her BPP with flying colors, and is about 4 lbs 14 oz.  She has fallen from 44th percentile to 35th, but the doctor wasn't worried about that.  

My medication at night was increased last week and now this week my medication for the day has also been increased.  However, I'm still really far from the max dosage and even if we have to continue to increase it, I shouldn't have to go on insulin.  Doctor says I'm fairly well controlled blood sugar and growth wise, but he would like to see me eating more.  I'm guessing probably because the one pound I gained over 3 weeks, Halle actually gained.  She's sucking everything out of me! 

How far along? 34 weeks 3 days pregnant.. Baby is the size of a butternut squash! 

Weight gain? Gained another pound, according to the doctor's scale and mine.  So +16 pounds. 

Belly button? It's as out as Ellen Degeneres.  There's no denying it. 

Wedding rings on or off? Off.  I took my necklace off too.  It just kept choking me at night and making me mad. 

Movement? Yeah.. A lot of that.  It's really getting painful now instead of fun to watch.  She's very... forceful, I guess would be a good word.  

Maternity clothes? You betcha.  I feel like boycotting pants/shorts altogether but with ultrasounds weekly, or every other week, I have to put them on sometimes.  I got a couple of dresses that I can go braless in at Forever 21.  That's going to be like heaven.  There should be a rule somewhere that its okay for pregnant ladies 30+ weeks to not wear pants or bras.  It's like it's own form of torture.  

Symptoms? Feeling? Extreme pelvic pressure, even more than last week.  Getting up from my chair I feel like I'm sitting on her head, although I guess it could also be her butt.  Even the doctor said he would have bet money that was her head lodged down in my pelvis.  Never had that feeling with Dawson, but he was much higher I think.  Still swollen, still don't recognize my body in a mirror.  I have an upset stomach more often than not again.  I'm always too hot all of a sudden (I was like that with Dawson.. Ask Joe about driving with the windows down in the car in February! Ha!) My nose is getting worse again, I don't know what to do about that.  

Mood? Cranky and totally done being pregnant.  I'm a bit ashamed to admit there have been tears this week over aches and pains and just wanting to be done.  5 more weeks sounds.. Well, horrible.  Trying to just take things one day at a time but struggling.  I feel really couped up because I can't take Dawson anywhere by myself- helping him go potty in public isn't do-able anymore.   

Missing? Sleeping on my back.  Not getting winded just from walking from point A to point B.  Getting out of the house.  RUNNING!  Exercise in general.  Junk food.    

Looking forward to? Being done.  I'm not looking forward to giving birth, but I'm looking forward to pregnancy being O-V-E-R.  I'm a whiner, I know.  

Sleep?  This isn't even funny this week.  Takes me 2-4 hours of tossing and turning to go to sleep & then I sleep fitfully for 3-4 hours before I'm up again.  I'm exhausted.  And yaaaayyyy it will get worse when she's here! But at least I'll be able to sleep on my back.. Maybe with a baby on me, but I'll take what I can get. 

Exercise? We took a 45 minute walk as a family on Sunday evening, just to get Dawson out of the house & me too. It's been pretty warm and I overheat easily so it's hard to get out, but we had kind of a stormy day.   I walked a lot at the mall yesterday too.  Going up the stairs is exercise at this point, sadly. 

Any cravings? Donuts.. Still.  Cake.  Peach or blueberry cobbler.  Watermelon.  

Food aversions? Fried foods still.  Chicken, unless it's breaded and baked.  Sausage.  Eggs.  Vegetables except cucumber.  Water.. Ugh, so tired of water.  

Until next week! 

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  1. Ok, yes, you're a whiner... and why shouldn't you whine? You're in the worst stage of pregnancy and remembering that last one. Cheer up, though. The 2nd is rarely as bad (or even close to it) as the first! Your body has had a "first run" and so have you. You'll know what to say "no" to. A catheter? Really? I asked for a pee bottle, and they told me most women pee just before giving birth, and often do a 2 as well! Well, I was disgusted, but I did it. You might ask if the cath is really necessary. It sounds painful trying to push with a cath in. You would also be pushing on that balloon which would be trying to be born as well! I still think they could have provided a bottle. I got one later! Why not on the table?
    I didn't need one for the 2nd, and that's mostly my point. (And I would have insisted on a bottle if I did! - learning from the first - my other point). The DR needed a catcher's mitt! I had to stop pushing to give him time to unwrap the cord from her neck, then... CATCH!
    Oh ... and, we all love you! Remember that!

    1. The catheter is not optional if you have an epidural.. They can't let you get out of bed afterwards for liability reasons- most people can't feel if they need to pee or their legs. They pump you full of several bags of IV fluids before you have the epidural, so odds are your body is going to let go of it. They take the catheter out when you start to push. Honestly that was only one of the unpleasant parts about my epidural.. But who knows, I may want another in the moment.